About Meee

I'm me, and there is no one me'er than me!
  • 5'7
  • 115 lbs
  • Light Brown Eyes
  • Dark Brown Hair
  • Mixed Race

My name is [Cricket], and this is my book. It consist almost entirely on looks; everything from clothes to  lip gloss. Come over on weekends and you get to see where these looks come in to [play].
You'll get to see whats in my closet, my shoe rack, on my vanity, how I manage to do my hair, and the wonderful word of men and me.

  • Favorite Color: green
  • Favorite Food: french fries
  • Favorite Treat: gummie bears
  • Favorite Place: the ocean
  • Favorite Video Game: the legend of zelda
Those are just alittle of the things youll get to know about me by reading this blog, I hope you enjoy. If youve got any question email me at:

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